About the oWNER

Amy G. Simon, also known as Amy Allure, is a self-taught  artist born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Jamaica, Queens. She began painting at the age of 11, but it took her almost 20 years to identify and manifest herself as a true artist. After she decided to begin her journey through the art world, she realized her true ALLURE was through art and teaching.

With a signature style of vibrant colors, solid paint consistency, and mixed media additions, Amy is creatively branding herself in the art industry. Amy has joined sell-out art showcases, hosted a number of paint events, and is on a mission to continue sharing her artistic ALLURE with the world.

In April of 2019, Amy opened ALLURE Art Studio to foster her love of art and teaching. She describes the studio as "modern, glamorous, and home-y with a sprinkle of turn-up and a spoonful of good vibes." She hopes the studio will encourage others to discover what makes them alluring and inspire them to have the courage to keep their ALLURE alive.


allure Art Studio LLC

197-05 Jamaica Ave.

Jamaica, NY 11423

Phone: (347) 773-3040

Facebook & IG: @allure.artstudio

Email: allure.artstudio@yahoo.com

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